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Example Sites

Storage Systems

Strong and durable Box Edge Plus steel shelving is ideal for storing large, heavy or bulky parts.  Our shelves are constructed with a closed, welded box shape with lapped and welded corners for rigidity, strength and the ability to handle impact or point loads.' sturdy HD Drawers install easily into our Box Edge Plus steel storage equipment.  Versatile and cost effective; shelves adjust easily, without the use of tools, nuts or bolts.  Open, closed, bin, ledge, cabinet and counter styles available.  Perforated End Panels are also available.

Box Edge Plus Shelving Units

Box Edge Plus Open-TypeOpen-Type open-type shelving is ideal for general-purpose storage, and maximum economy. It has the strength and design to securely store bulky and boxed materials.  Cross braces are included for the back and sides to provide exceptional rigidity. Adder units (a starter unit less one side cross brace) can be ordered for continuous rows.

Closed-Type - Without Backs

Economical closed-type shelving without backs provides side-by-side closure for storing items requiring side support. Closed-type shelving without backs is often used as the second row in a back-to-back installation. It is also used along walls or with another type back material.

Box Edge Plus Closed-Type Adder units have only one closed side providing economy in continuous row shelving installation.

Closed-Type - With Backs

This rugged shelving protects the contents of each shelf on three sides, while providing a neat, finished appearance.  Backs come painted in #445 White to reflect light in the unit, reducing picking time and errors. Closed-type shelving with backs is perfect for storing loose parts taken out of original shipping containers. Adder units have only one closed side providing economy in continuous row shelving installation.


Perforated End Panels perforated end panels are a quick and inexpensive way to add storage capacity at row ends and along unused wall space.  Visible storage is ideal for fast moving or impulse purchase items.  Perforated panel storage hooks are easily reconfigured to meet changing needs. Perforated End Panels:
  • Are manufactured from 16 gauge steel and will not warp or deteriorate like wood.
  • Attach easily to angle posts with included hardware or can be wall mounted.
  • May be installed on new or existing; single or multi-level systems.
  • Can be used with standard peg board accessories.
  • Have no exposed fasteners for a smooth and attractive look.
  • Are available in any standard industrial color with our durable powder coat finish.


Box Edge PlusLiterally thousands of bin configurations can be designed from the basic bin unit. With versatile bin-type shelving, you can have a storage system precisely customized to store your parts and small bulk items. Shelf dividers and boxes separate items for easy access and identification.  Backs come painted in #445 White to reflect light in the unit, reducing picking time and errors.


Ledge-type shelving combines a working space with a full-height shelving unit.  Shelf dividers and boxes may be added as needed. Adder units have only one closed side providing economy in continuous row shelving installation.  Backs come painted in #445 White to reflect light in the unit, reducing picking time and errors.

Box Edge Plus Cabinet-Type


Fully enclosed cabinet-type shelving provides protection against dust and dirt and can be locked for added security, helping to prevent the loss of valuable inventory.


Service counters offer convenient storage space at the point of personal contact. Both open and closed counter-type units are available.

Box Edge Plus Shelving Features

Beaded PostBeaded Post

Our beaded post reduces the front flange which provides additional clear shelf space. Its aesthetic appearance and wider shelf opening improves productivity.' beaded post is strong enough for use in both multi-tier and high-rise systems.

weAngle Post angle post is designed for maximum strength and rigidity, while providing flexibility for changing requirements. It is also ideally suited for free-standing shelving units.

Box Edge Plus Shelfwe

The Box Edge Plus shelf is designed for additional value and aesthetics without additional investment.  The front and rear edges of the shelf are formed into a closed, welded box shape and the corners are lapped and welded to give the shelf maximum strength and rigidity. The shelf also gives you a cleaner more attractive front edge and is fully compatible with all existing shelf brackets and posts.

Shelf BracketShelf Bracket shelf brackets provide wide load-bearing surfaces which makes shelf installation quick and easy. No need for tools, nuts or bolts. Shelves can be rearranged without disturbing adjoining units.

Box Edge Plus Shelving Specifications

HeightsBox Edge Plus has seventeen standard post heights ranging from 3'3" to 16'3" for optimal use of your vertical space. Taller units are possible using our many standard post splicers.

Widths steel shelving is available in four standard widths to meet your specific storage needs. Protect your inventory investment and save valuable store space with the correct width shelving.

Depths steel shelving comes in seven standard depths from 12" to 36" for efficient storage of a variety of items.  Maximize your facility and stock picking efficiency with the optimum depth shelving.


With the addition of our broad range of accessories, your shelving can be designed to meet your exact needs. Everything from motors to micro-chips can be stored safely and efficiently.

Examples of Box Edge Plus Shelving:

Box Edge Plus w/dividers Box Edge Plus Box Edge Plus HD Drawers