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Example Sites

Safety Products

Upright Frame Protector

The simplest solution for protecting racks from fork lift impact. Incidental rack impact is unavoidable. In today's demanding warehouse environment, even the best fork lift drivers have pallet rack impact.

Corner Guard

Absorbs and transfers impact

  • The only corner protection device that truly absorbs and cushions impact
  • Closed-cell foam interior provides resistance and energy absorption
    yet retains shape after impact
  • Soft EVA exterior won't scratch vehicles and resists cracking for long life


Rack Guard

  • Protect vulnerable dock door tracks from impact anywhere forklifts are involved with doorways.
  • Warehouse dock loading door openings
  • Critically important in Freezer and Refrigerated warehousing.
  • Unique formed design for strength and door track protection
  • Simple installation to floor and wall
  • Protects, yet doesn't interfere with dock operations
  • Bright OSHA Yellow powder finish
  • Choose from standard heights of 24", 36" or 48"
  • Base Plates use 1/2 concrete anchors provided
  • Wall mounting holes provided
  • Special Designs for insulated doors or deeper tracks


  • Rack Guard designed to protect pallet Rack row ends from impact when forklift traffic is entering aisles
  • Apply at ends of any pallet rack


  • Protects vulnerable end- post from all directions
  • Simple installation to floor
  • Available for single or double row applications
  • 42" and 48" upright depths
  • Bright OSHA Yellow powder coat finish


  • Heavy-duty 1/4" steel
  • 3/8" x 4" Titen HD screw anchors provided
  • Extra anchoring on critical post protection corners




  • Saf-T-Corner is designed to protect office and wall corners, edges and walls, reducing costly repairs or replacement costs


  • Full gusset to withstand impact
  • Manufactured from 1/4" steel


  • 18" height
  • 1/2"x5" Titen HD screw anchors provided
  • Bright OSHA yellow finish
  • Protect dock doorways and building passages
  • Protect critical utilities such as gas mains and AC units
  • Allows easy segregation of vehicles from people
  • Protect fire suppression and other critical piping
  • Low cost, effective barrier protection
  • 40" tall to provide ample protection
  • 4" and 6" diameter bollards available
  • Surface mounted for quick installation
  • Bright OSHA Yellow powder coat finish

Upright Post Protectors

  • Manufactured from 1/4" steel upright welded to 3/8" base - available in 12", 18", or 24" heights
  • Base has four 9/16" mounting holes for 1/2" anchors
  • Upright welded to 1/4" base plate for high strength and easy installation

Warehouse Building Column Guards

  • Many size to choose from.
  • Upright frame protector